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In the heart of Atlanta, a city known for its vibrant culture and bustling urban life, lies a hidden gem that both locals and visitors alike seek out — its coffee scene. As we dive into this comprehensive guide to the best coffee shops in Atlanta, we embark on a journey that goes beyond just a simple caffeine fix. Our expertise in uncovering these spots comes from a deep exploration of the city’s neighborhoods, from the historic streets of Cabbagetown to the trendy avenues of Midtown, ensuring you get an authentic taste of Atlanta’s coffee culture.

This article isn’t just a list; it’s a curated collection that promises to enhance your understanding and appreciation of what makes each coffee shop unique. Whether you’re in search of the perfect pour-over, the richest espresso, or a cozy nook to settle into with a book or laptop, our insights will lead you to your next favorite spot. We’ve tasted our way through the city, engaged with baristas, and soaked in the atmospheres to bring you a selection that stands out for its quality, creativity, and community vibe.

But why trust our guide? Because we know that in a city as dynamic as Atlanta, every coffee shop has its story, woven into the fabric of its neighborhood. We highlight not only the best places to grab your morning joe but also the spots that contribute to the community, hosting events, showcasing local art, and promoting sustainability. This article will pique your curiosity by revealing hidden gems and well-loved favorites, each with its own unique offering that goes beyond the brew.

So, whether you’re a coffee aficionado or just someone looking to discover a new corner of Atlanta, this guide is your gateway to experiencing the city’s thriving coffee culture. Join us as we unveil the best coffee shops Atlanta has to offer, promising an adventure that will tantalize your taste buds and perhaps even find you a new home away from home. Let the journey begin.

A Brief History of Coffee in Atlanta

A Brief History of Coffee in Atlanta
A Brief History of Coffee in Atlanta

While Atlanta may not have a historic coffee culture like cities such as Seattle or San Francisco, the specialty coffee scene has rapidly expanded in recent years. Small batch roasters and independently owned cafes now dot neighborhoods across the city.

Some key events in Atlanta’s coffee history:

  • 1990s: National chains like Starbucks and Peet’s brought specialty coffee to Atlanta.
  • Early 2000s: Local roasters like Batdorf & Bronson, Dancing Goats, and Octane emerged.
  • 2010s: Independent shops boomed with over 85 coffee houses opening from 2010 to 2019. The specialty coffee craze kicked into high gear.

Now Atlanta rivals other major cities for quality roasts, skilled baristas, and coffee shop culture. The local cafes below highlight the diversity and innovation of the scene.

Exploring the Heart of Atlanta’s Coffee Culture

Based on the search results, here are some of the best coffee shops in Atlanta:

  1. Condesa Coffee
    • Rating: 4.4
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 610
    • Address: 480 John Wesley Dobbs Ave NE UNIT 100, Atlanta, GA 30312
  2. Joe’s Coffeehouse EAV
    • Rating: 4.7
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 712
    • Address: 510 Flat Shoals Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
  3. Urban Grind
    • Rating: 4.4
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 496
    • Address: 962 Marietta St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
  4. BRASH Coffee
    • Rating: 4.5
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 440
    • Address: 1168 Howell Mill Rd #0516, Atlanta, GA 30318
  5. East Pole Coffee Co.
    • Rating: 4.6
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 472
    • Address: 255 Ottley Dr NE #105, Atlanta, GA 30324
  6. Daily Dose Coffee
    • Rating: 4.5
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 227
    • Address: 907 Memorial Dr SE Suite 112, Atlanta, GA 30316
  7. Chrome Yellow Trading Co.
    • Rating: 4.7
    • Price: $$
    • Reviews: 729
    • Address: 501 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312
  8. Aurora Coffee
    • Rating: 4.6
    • Price: $
    • Reviews: 525
    • Address: 468 Moreland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307

These coffee shops offer a variety of experiences and are highly rated by customers in Atlanta.

Rev Coffee

Location: 385 Alberta Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30324


Phone Number: (470) 355-3534


Day Hours
Monday 7AM–5PM
Tuesday 7AM–5PM
Wednesday 7AM–5PM
Thursday 7AM–5PM
Friday 7AM–5PM
Saturday 8AM–5PM
Sunday 8AM–5PM

Price Range: $3 to $6 per drink

Menu Highlights: Pour over coffees, specialty lattes, oat milk chai

Rev Coffee stands out for their stellar coffee education programs. They offer public cuppings every Friday to teach the nuances of tasting specialty coffee. Their baristas can prepare single origin pour overs with exquisite precision. Rev serves Counter Culture Coffee, a leader in sustainable practices.

Cafe Comma

Location: 1845 Piedmont Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30324


Phone Number: (470) 355-3534


Day Hours
Monday 7AM–5PM
Tuesday 7AM–5PM
Wednesday 7AM–5PM
Thursday 7AM–5PM
Friday 7AM–5PM
Saturday 9AM–5PM
Sunday 9AM–5PM

Price Range: $3 to $5 per drink

Menu Highlights: Iced vanilla oat milk latte, cold brew coffee, chai tea

Located in Atlanta’s Piedmont Heights neighborhood, Cafe Comma has a cozy, relaxed vibe. Their cold brew on tap is refreshingly smooth. For latte art, their baristas create gorgeous rosetta and tulip designs in foamed milk. Cafe Comma serves coffee from local favorite Brandywine Coffee Roasters.

Architectural and Design Highlights

Beyond great coffee and food, many of Atlanta’s cafes feature creative architecture and interior design:

  • Land of a Thousand Hills has an airy, minimalist space with handpainted murals.
  • Dancing Goats combines exposed brick, reclaimed wood, and modern cafe seating.
  • Chrome Yellow Trading Co. is a converted bungalow house with a front porch and courtyard.

Outdoor seating creates a great coffee experience. Top picks include:

  • Condesa Coffee: Back patio with mini-garden
  • Revelator Coffee: Outdoor bar and terrace

The Coffee Experience

Barista Expertise

Atlanta’s experienced baristas take coffee craft seriously. Many compete nationally in barista competitions and continue learning through coffee research and technology, such as:

  • Batdorf & Bronson: In-house classes on cupping and brewing
  • Dancing Goats: Barista training at their roasting facility
  • Condesa Coffee: Partners with top barista educators like Friends In Coffee

Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing

The city’s coffee community supports sustainability and direct trade relationships with coffee producers.

  • Brash Coffee works directly with growers in Central and South America.
  • Steady Hand Coffee Co. connects Atlanta to producers in Burundi.
  • Revelator Coffee audits their supply chains for transparency and pays 25% above fair trade prices.

Beyond Coffee – Community and Social Spaces

Many coffee shops go beyond serving coffee to become true community hubs:

Wi-Fi and Workspaces

  • Octane Westside: Co-working space and free wifi
  • Land of a Thousand Hills: Individual work booths
  • Condesa Coffee: Outdoor workspaces with wifi

Community Engagement

  • Brash Coffee hosts neighborhood concerts and markets.
  • Steady Hand Coffee Co. serves as a food bank donation site.
  • Dancing Goats partners with local schools on coffee education.

Events and Seasonal Offerings

  • Bronner Bros Cafe: Poetry readings and open mic nights
  • Revelator Coffee: Seasonal drinks like maple pecan and gingerbread lattes

Health and Accessibility

Many coffee shops accommodate specialty diets and accessibility needs:

Healthy Options

  • Mediterranea Coffee & Teas: Sugar-free syrups, non-dairy milks
  • Condesa Coffee: Vegan baked goods, gluten-free menu


  • Steady Hand Coffee Co.: Wheelchair ramp access
  • Octane Coffee: Private parking lot and MARTA bus stop access
  • Battleground Coffee: Gender neutral bathrooms

Making the Most of Your Visit

COVID-19 Safety

Coffee shops have enacted safety measures like distanced seating, contactless payment, and mask requirements. Check their social media for the latest updates before visiting.

Loyalty Programs

  • Brash Coffee: Earn free drinks with their Brash Pass loyalty program.
  • Condesa Coffee: $3 drip coffee refills with a Condesa mug.

Glowing Customer Reviews

“The espresso blew me away! Sweet and citrusy flavor notes. And the baristas were warm and welcoming.”

Start Exploring Atlanta’s Coffee Culture

With local coffee houses to suit any taste, Atlanta’s diverse coffee scene invites exploration. Support these passionate small businesses to experience the city’s best artisan roasted brews. Discover your new favorite neighborhood cafe and meet the baristas and roasters behind Atlanta’s coffee culture renaissance.

Share Your Favorites

What coffee shops are your top picks in Atlanta? Share your recommendations in the comments below!

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